Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


1. Agreement Overview
This Agreement, hereafter referred to as the "Terms," establishes a legally binding contract between the user (referred to as "User" or "You"), whether an individual or entity, and MetaSet (also referred to as "MetaSet," "we," "us," or "our"). It specifically pertains to the use of the MetaSet Platform, encompassing the https://metaset.ai/ website, MetaSet mobile application, and associated media forms, channels, websites, or applications collectively termed as the "MetaSet Sites." Failure to agree with these Terms expressly prohibits the use of MetaSet Sites.

2. Acknowledgment of Terms
By clicking the "I agree with the MetaSet Terms & Conditions" checkbox, the user acknowledges having read, comprehended, and accepted these Terms as the governing document for the legal relationship between them and MetaSet.

3. Authorization Clause
By clicking the checkbox indicating, "I hereby empower MetaSet in accordance with the MetaSet Terms & Conditions," the user grants MetaSet the authority to enter necessary agreements on their behalf for transactions on the MetaSet Platform.

4. Privacy Statement
Users are directed to the privacy statement, available at [Privacy Address], as a supplementary document to this Agreement.


5. Comprehensive Platform
MetaSet serves as a comprehensive platform that provides access to automated trading strategies developed either by independent developers or MetaSet itself (referred to as "MetaSet Creators"). These automated strategies execute trades in cryptocurrencies or other assets based on predefined criteria. MetaSet facilitates connections between users and a third-party provider, offering cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services.

6. Service Processes
MetaSet oversees user deposit and withdrawal assignment orders, as detailed in the sections below, and manages the necessary trading orders. MetaSet facilitates the exchange between fiat money and cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that MetaSet Creators are independent entities and not subcontractors or agents of MetaSet. Users contract directly with MetaSet Exchange for transactions, monitoring their investments through the MetaSet Platform and their "MetaSet Account."


7. Scope Definition
This Agreement governs the use of the MetaSet Platform, providing access to trading strategies, MetaSet Exchange services, MetaSet services, and associated information collectively referred to as "MetaSet Content."

8. Communication Channels
The Agreement extends to communications between users and MetaSet via various means, including software on the MetaSet Platform, the MetaSet Website, and third-party platforms. It also covers in-person communication with “MetaSet Representatives.” The Agreement specifically applies to currently listed platform services, with additional services having separate Terms and Conditions.


9. Communication Language
All communications under this Agreement must be conducted in English. Users can contact MetaSet via Ticket option at User panel.


10. User Representation
Users represent and warrant that they have full legal authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement. In case of disagreement, users are required to cease using MetaSet services. Users are responsible for assessing risks, understanding withdrawal rights, and making informed decisions regarding MetaSet Platform access.

11. User Agreement
Users agree to:

  • Use MetaSet services in accordance with this Agreement.
  • Refrain from engaging in illegal activities.
  • Provide accurate and updated information.
  • Agree with MetaSet Privacy Statement: www.metaset.ai.
  • Authorize MetaSet to conduct necessary inquiries for identity verification.


12. Diverse Bot Services
The MetaSet Platform allows users to access various services, including MetaSet bots. Users can purchase bots according to their deposited funds, with detailed information available upon request.


13. User-Centric Investment
Users utilize the MetaSet Platform to self-invest and access bots provided by MetaSet or MetaSet Creators. Users can actively monitor their investments, with potential differences arising due to exchange rate fluctuations. MetaSet facilitates bot selection, assignment orders, and may offer recommendations on strategies.

14. Bot Removal
Clarification is provided that MetaSet reserves the right to remove bots at its discretion, considering factors such as underperformance or non-compliance with regulations. Users receive notifications before bot removal, with the option to either stop or await resolution.


15. Account Creation
Users are required to create a MetaSet Account to access the MetaSet Platform and services. By accepting this Agreement, users grant MetaSet assignment orders to use chosen bots and execute administrative actions related to bot usage.

16. Digital Recordkeeping
MetaSet assignment orders are granted through the MetaSet Platform, allowing MetaSet to instruct the MetaSet Exchange for trading operations. MetaSet maintains a digital record of assignment orders to ensure source code security, with users having limited insight to protect MetaSet Creators' intellectual property.

17. Execution Conditions
The execution of MetaSet assignment orders is subject to the conditions outlined in this Agreement.


18. Regulatory Disclaimer
MetaSet explicitly states that it is not a registered securities broker-dealer, investment adviser, or credit institution, and it does not provide investment advice.

19. Disclaimer Clarification
Further clarification is provided that any information from MetaSet Representatives, the MetaSet Platform, or MetaSet Sites should not be considered as investment advice.

Financial Transactions
Users are given the ability to deposit and withdraw funds from their MetaSet Account, facilitated by MetaSet Exchange.


21. Currency Exchange Disclaimer
It is emphasized that MetaSet is not responsible for currency exchange rate fluctuations or third-party fees.

22. Withdrawal Processing
Withdrawal orders are processed on business days, with potential delays due to banking networks.


23. Introduction
This section outlines the No risk bot Lock-In Policy for users engaging with the MetaSet Platform bots. Users are required to adhere to the terms related to balance lock-in, which involves an agreement to secure the starting amount for a specified duration.

24. Initial Start Balance Lock-In Agreement
Users are required to agree to a Initial start balance lock-in period of up to 12 months with their initial purchase on the MetaSet No Risk Bot. The Start Balance lock-in period begins from the date of the first purchase made by the user.

25. Duration of Start Balance Lock-In
The Start Balance lock-in period extends for a maximum duration of 12 months, during which the balance is committed and inaccessible for withdrawal. However, any profits made by No Risk Bot is withdrawable at any time.

26. Fee for Early Withdrawal
Users opting for an early withdrawal before the completion of the 12-month lock-in period will incur a fee. The early withdrawal fee is set at 60% of the Start Balance amount and will be deducted from the withdrawal proceeds.

27. Calculation of Early Withdrawal Fee
The early withdrawal fee is calculated based on the total Start balance amount at the time of the withdrawal request. The fee is applicable regardless of the reason for the early withdrawal.

28. Process for Early Withdrawal
Users desiring an early withdrawal must initiate the request through the MetaSet Platform. The withdrawal process includes a clear indication of the applicable early withdrawal fee.

29. Effect of Early Withdrawal
Early withdrawal results in the release of the locked-in funds, minus the applicable early withdrawal fee. Users should consider the financial implications before opting for an early withdrawal.

30. Modification of Lock-In Period
MetaSet reserves the right to modify the duration of the Start Balance lock-in period and associated fees. Users will be notified of any changes to the Initial Start Balance Lock-In Policy through the MetaSet Platform or other communication channels.

31. User Acknowledgment
By engaging with the MetaSet Platform and making an initial Start Balance, users acknowledge and agree to the terms of the Start Balance Lock-In Policy. Users are encouraged to carefully review and understand the policy before proceeding with their first deposit.


32. Accepted Cryptocurrencies
Deposits on the MetaSet Platform are exclusively accepted in the following cryptocurrencies: Tether (USDT TRC20)

33. Exclusive Acceptance
MetaSet explicitly acknowledges deposits exclusively in the listed cryptocurrencies. Any attempts to deposit currencies other than those specified will not be recognized as valid deposits on the platform.

34. Deposit Process
Users initiating deposits must ensure that the deposited funds are in one of the accepted cryptocurrencies. The deposit process involves selecting the desired cryptocurrency from the list and transferring the funds to the designated MetaSet wallet address.

35. Currency Compatibility
It is the user's responsibility to verify the compatibility of their chosen cryptocurrency with the MetaSet Platform. Incompatibility issues may arise if users attempt to deposit currencies that do not conform to the accepted cryptocurrencies.

36. Modification of Accepted Cryptocurrencies
MetaSet reserves the right to modify the list of accepted cryptocurrencies for deposits. Users will be notified of any changes to the Accepted Cryptocurrencies Policy through the MetaSet Platform or other communication channels.


37. Working Period Completion
Users are eligible to withdraw profits and receive their original deposit balances upon the successful completion of the working period of a robot.

38. Profit Realization Process
To realize, upon successful completion of the working period of a robot the lock in Balance will automatically return to profits into a withdrawable balance.


39. Mandatory KYC Verification
Users are obligated to undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedures before they are eligible to make any withdrawal requests.

40. Verification Timeframe
The KYC verification process may take up to 48 hours from the time the user submits the necessary documentation. The verification timeframe is subject to variations based on factors such as the volume of verification requests and the completeness of user submissions.

41. Documentation Submission
Users must submit the required KYC documentation through the designated section within the MetaSet Platform. The submitted documents may include but are not limited to government-issued identification, proof of address, and any additional information deemed necessary for verification.

42. Verification Review
Upon document submission, the MetaSet verification team will review the provided information to ensure compliance with KYC standards. Users will be notified of the verification outcome through the MetaSet Platform or other specified communication channels.

43. Verification Success
In cases where KYC verification is successful, users gain the ability to proceed with withdrawal requests. Successful verification enhances the security and integrity of the withdrawal process.

44. Verification Failure
If KYC verification fails, users will receive notification of the failure, specifying any discrepancies or issues. Users are advised to rectify the identified issues and resubmit the required documentation for further verification.

45. Withdrawal Hold During Verification
Withdrawal requests initiated prior to completing KYC verification may be temporarily placed on hold until the verification process is successfully concluded. This measure ensures the security of user funds and compliance with regulatory requirements.

46. Confidentiality of KYC Information
MetaSet maintains strict confidentiality of user KYC information and adheres to data protection regulations. KYC information is securely stored and processed in accordance with applicable privacy policies.


47. Investigation Process
During the account suspension, MetaSet will conduct a comprehensive investigation to verify the legitimacy of the withdrawal request and the user's actions. The investigation may involve communication with the user and may require the submission of additional documentation or information.

48. User Notification
Users will be promptly notified of the account suspension, providing information about the reason for the suspension and the expected duration of the investigation.

49. Verification Procedure
To lift the account suspension, users must cooperate with MetaSet during the investigation. Successful verification, confirming the user's compliance with the Withdrawal Wallet Policy, will result in the re-opening of the account.

50. Recurring Violations
Users found repeatedly violating the Withdrawal Wallet Policy may face escalated consequences, including extended or permanent account suspension and potential termination of services.


51. Order Irreversibility
Users are made aware that executed or completed orders cannot be canceled, changed, or reversed.

52. Cancellation Grounds
MetaSet retains the right to cancel or deny order processing on grounds including illegal activity, money laundering, terrorist financing, or fraud.


53. User Suitability
The MetaSet Platform is deemed suitable for independent investors with an awareness of risks.

54. Unsuitable Users
It is clarified that the platform is not suitable for users unable to bear risks, investing significant revenue, having small income/assets, lacking understanding of risks, or requiring assistance.

55. Legal Restrictions
The use of MetaSet is prohibited in countries where cryptocurrencies are illegal or restricted by law.


56. Market Volatility Warning
Users are warned of the high trading risks associated with cryptocurrency market volatility. The potential loss of deposited funds is highlighted, with users advised not to invest more than they can afford to lose.

57. Understanding Risks
Users are reminded that actual returns and losses vary based on market behavior, movement, and trade size. It is stressed that users must understand risks before utilizing MetaSet services.


58. Account Inactivity Criteria
An account is considered inactive if no active robots have been initiated within a consecutive 6-month period. Inactivity is determined based on the absence of any trading activity or engagement with the automated trading strategies available on the MetaSet Platform.

59. Effect of Closure
Closed accounts will no longer have access to the automated trading strategies, MetaSet Creators' services, or any other features provided by the MetaSet Platform. Users with closed accounts will need to re-register and go through the account creation process to resume using the MetaSet Platform.

60. Retrieval of Account Information
Users are encouraged to retrieve any necessary information, transaction history, or data from their account before the closure process is initiated. MetaSet is not responsible for storing account data post-closure, and users should make arrangements to safeguard any critical information.

61. Modification of Inactivity Period
MetaSet reserves the right to modify the inactivity period, notification period, or any other aspect of the account inactivity policy. Users will be notified of any changes to the account inactivity policy through the MetaSet Platform or other communication channels.

62. User Responsibility
It is the user's responsibility to ensure compliance with the account inactivity policy. Users are encouraged to regularly review their account status and take necessary actions to prevent account closure due to inactivity.


63. Platform Facilitation
MetaSet is positioned as a facilitator and explicitly disclaims liability for third-party-created bots. The MetaSet Platform is provided "as is," and MetaSet does not offer operational guarantees or warranties.

64. Third-Party Acts
MetaSet explicitly states that it is not liable for acts or omissions of third parties or losses related to bankruptcy.

65. External Events Disclaimer
MetaSet disclaims responsibility for market events, platform errors, or technology failures.

66. Security Disclaimer
MetaSet disclaims responsibility for unauthorized access or compromised account security.

67. Exclusion of Damages
MetaSet excludes liability for indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages.


68. User Indemnification
Users are required to indemnify MetaSet, its affiliates, employees, and agents from claims, losses, and liabilities arising from the use of MetaSet services, platform, or breach of this Agreement.


69. Termination Discretion
MetaSet reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or limit access to MetaSet services at its discretion, with or without cause.

70. Obligations Post-Termination
Termination is clarified not to relieve users from obligations arising before termination.


71. Jurisdiction
This Agreement is governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where MetaSet is registered.


72. Terms Modification
MetaSet retains the right to modify these Terms at any time, with modifications becoming effective upon posting on MetaSet Sites. Continued use implies acceptance.


73. Agreement Effectiveness
This Agreement is effective immediately upon acceptance and remains in force until terminated.

74. Severability Clause
If any provision of these Terms is found invalid or unenforceable, it will be severed, and the remaining provisions will continue in effect.

75. Entire Agreement
These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the user and MetaSet, superseding all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals.